"Terminus A & B"

This is a view of the planetary system Terminus A & B as visualized in my collection of original science-fiction stories entitled "The Archangel Chronicles". Terminus A and its satellite Terminus B are located in a remote corner of the Cygnus Transcept, a little-explored and sparsely-populated area of the galaxy. It is to this moon that two representatives of the Galactic Alliance, Lieutenant Brisbane Richardson and Technical Officer Alanna Kosari, must travel to seek out a renegade scientist who has information pertaining to the whereabouts of a mythical artifact rumored to be eight billion years older than the universe itself. Their pursuit of this fabled object, known as the "Forever Stone", takes us to the headquarters of a interplanetary gang (built in the style of an Arabian sheikdom) just in time for its destruction, as well as into several encounters with a murderous religious cult, the Cusp Foundation, and finally into the heart of a newborn planet.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
This image was created entirely with the Persistence of Vision Raytracing tool. It is an amazing system of creating and rendering three-dimensional images, limited apparently only by your imagination. Everything from the texture of the rings to the lens-reflection effects of the distant star to the swirling of the clouds in the planet's atmosphere is completely controllable. And, the most amazing thing about POVRay is that it's freeware! That means it's totally free! Please visit their website www.povray.com for more info.