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t (6K)he babies continue to thrive and do well nearly a week after their birth. They seem to be quite strong and active - when I open their nest to check on them they think that I'm Momma returning to serve another meal, and they get very agitated and jump about. They are starting to get fur and markings on them, and are some differences are becoming noticable. One bunny is obviously larger than the rest, one that I've nicknamed "Moose". Of course it is too early to try to determine their genders. That won't happen for another three or four weeks (baby rabbits are notoriously difficult to "sex"). There is a beautiful little black one with white markings who is smaller than average and doesn't seem as strong as the others. I've nicknamed that one "Del" for "delicate". Del is the only one who worries me that he or she may not ultimately survive, as the strongest ones usually get the most food. I have my fingers crossed for Del, and the others as well. I am starting to fall in love with all of them, and enjoy checking in on them.
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23 February 2004 - 6 days old
t (6K)ay 9 and the babies are still doing well. Their eyes should be opening up soon. The spend most of their time sleeping, but can be quite vigorous and strong when you pick them up. Aspen continues to be a great mom although she is getting a little restless being in the cage so much with them. She has taken to jumping out of the playpen to get more freedom and exercise. Here are some more pictures of the babies:
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26 February 2004 - 9 days old

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