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f3 (6K)irst light - When a brand new telescope is pointed to the sky for the first time, it's called "first light". In a sense, first light happened to a couple of the babies today. Two of them opened their eyes, and their activity level has increased dramatically. They can now get out of their nest box and walk around the cage with their mother. They are learning how to walk and can navigate well over a wide variety of surfaces. I'm making sure they know that human hands are places of safety, warmth and gentleness. This evening, after the first time exploring my couch, the light-colored bunny in the pictures walked over to me and crawled into my hand on his own, put his head down, and rested in complete comfort. The other babies' eyes should open over the next day or so. Then the fun really begins!
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28 February 2004 - 11 days old

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aspenbabies_0302 (37K)
2 March 2004 - 14 days old

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