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d4 (8K)ay 17 and the bunnies are happy, healthy and full of curiosity. They love to come out of their cage and explore anything and everything. The agouti (the tan and brown mix) is particularly brave and fearless, gleefully climbing up the pillows on the couch to get a bird's eye view of everything around him. One of the tan-colored babies is probably the runt, being a little smaller than the others and not really knowing how to hop yet. He/she "walks" as opposed to "hops", but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he/she takes a lesson from the other siblings. The babies are extremely cute and sweet but I think they are very demanding on their mother, Aspen, who can't lay down for two seconds without a bunch of hungry little gremlins pouncing on her looking for a snack. Consequently Aspen takes every opportunity she can to get as far away from her munchkins as possible! But she is still a great mother and takes excellent care of her babies.
aspenbabies_0305a (35K)
The chocolate babies
aspenbabies_0305b (27K)

aspenbabies_0305c (30K)
The black-and-white babies
aspenbabies_0305d (25K)
The agouti baby and the tan babies

aspenbabies_0305e (21K)
The agouti baby by him (or her) self!

05 March 2004 - 17 days old
clearpix (1K)
aspenbabies_0308 (27K)
Anna Finn with an 8-bunny pile-up in her lap

08 March 2004 - 20 days old

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