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t (6K)ay 25 and the babies are all doing extraordinarily well. They have grown and learned so much in just a couple of weeks and are so active and playful it's hard to get them all in one place at one time. They spend most of their time outside their cage in a large play area with their mother. The babies have started to eat rabbit pellets and drink from a water bottle, which takes much of the stress and strain off of Momma Aspen. She still nurses them occasionally, but now that the babies eat regular food the pressure of being an on-demand snack shop has eased considerably. As you can see below, the babies love to come out of their cage for a romp on the couch. It's amazing to watch them tackle a new environment and learn very quickly from each other. Once one bunny does something new and interesting (and that's usually the little agouti - he/she is smart as a whip and is quite the little spitfire) the other bunnies will watch very intently and quickly do the same thing.
aspenbabies_0313c (36K)
When the food bowl arrives, even Mom can't get her nose in edgewise!

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Wow! Couches sure can be fun places!

13 March 2004 - 25 days old

t (6K)he bunnies celebrated St. Patrick's Day and their first month on life on March 17 with a long romp on the couches. I stacked a couple of pillows up which allowed them to jump from one couch to the other, and once they discovered this homemade racetrack, they really ran amock. The little agouti was particularly funny, because he/she would run to the far end of the other couch, turn around and run with breakneck speed over the stack of pillows, onto the other couch and directly into my lap. He/she would stop and look up at me wide-eyed, as if to say, "Did you just see the cool thing I did? Wanna see me do it again?" And he/she would. All the bunnies had a great time running around. I wish I could leave them loose in the house, but there are just too many opportunities for them to get into trouble. I'll probably start with one room, and gradually work up to more and more freedom.
aspenbabies_0317b (21K)

aspenbabies_0317a (22K)
Time out for a little break.

17 March 2004 - One month old!

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