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t (6K)he bunnies are 11 weeks old now and are completely independent, separate individuals with their own distinct personalities. One of the girls, Meadow, has already found a great home and has fit in happily with a large menagerie of companion animals. She was very memorable and adorable, and here is her picture:
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t (6K)here was also very nearly a tragedy with one of the babies. Several weeks ago little Michele got her left rear leg caught in the opening between the bars of the cage the girls were in. When she could not free herself and was in pain, she panicked and started thrashing around in a desperate attempt to get loose. In the process she severely injured her leg, nearly tearing it off. When I got home from work and found her still caught in the bars, covered in dried blood with her bone protruding from her leg, it was one of the most awful sights I've ever had to witness. I was sure Michele would have to lose her leg.
    After a night in emergency care and a trip next morning to the veterinarian, Michele's leg was splinted and bandaged. Showing how resilient and adaptable rabbits can be, especially young rabbits, she is making a remarkable recovery from her horrific injury. Her splinted leg does not slow her down in the slightest bit, even to the point of running and chasing after her siblings when they get run-time outside the cage, and jumping onto and off of the couch! We are very optimistic she will make a complete recovery from it and have no lasting effects. Through it all she has maintained her super-sweet disposition and is a great patient, being very easy to handle and putting up with a lot of grief. She is an absolutely astonishing little girl who continues to amaze me on a daily basis with her courage and fortitude. Here is a picture of her with her bandanged leg:
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a (6K)spen's babies are now at the age when they will be available for adoption through Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue to some very lucky families. They are starting to sexually mature, and I've had to separate the boys from the girls. The boys will be able to be neutered very soon, and the girls will be spayed at around six months old. They are very happy, healthy and active little bunnies and will make superb houserabbits some day! Aspen continues to be a wonderful mom to them, to the point of still letting them nurse on her (albeit quite reluctantly), playing with them and generally enjoying them all. She will be spayed soon (so this was her last litter) and she is available for adoption, too.

    Here is a gallery of the official adoption photographs of Aspen and her babies. Just click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized photo.

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bambinotn (7K) Bambino durangotn (6K) Durango nigeltn (6K) Nigel
carmelatn (6K) Carmela hollytn (7K) Holly
micheletn (8K) Michele moussetn (6K) Mousse
4 May 2004 - 11 weeks old

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