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t (6K)his is an update on Aspen and her 8 babies. It is the end of June 2004 and Momma Aspen and 5 of her babies have all been adopted out to wonderful homes. Meadow was the first to go and all reports about her are very positive. She has fit into her new home very well and she and her owner (more precisely, "bunny slave") amuse each other with lots of games and playtime. Here is a picture of her, looking svelte and slinky.

meadow_toosexy (14K)
Photo courtesy of C. Simmons

t (6K)The day of May 29, 2004 was a big day because on that day Aspen and 4 of her babies went to their new homes. Bambino went to a very nice family who report he is doing quite well and they all love him. I don't have a new picture of him but if I get one I will post it. Aspen and 3 of her babies - Durango, Michele and Nigel - were all lucky enough to be adopted by the same person! So they are going to be together for the rest of their lives. In my wildest dreams I could not have hoped for a better ending to their story, especially for Michele after her injury. Below are a couple of recent photos of them:
group4 (31K)
Photo courtesy of J. Wilkinson
From left to right: Durango (now Duncan), Michele (now Alyce-Michele), Aspen (now Ashleigh), and Nigel (still Nigel).
alyce-michele (28K)
Photo courtesy of J. Wilkinson
Isn't she just the most beautiful thing?
t (6K)here are still three girls remaining to be adopted - Carmela, Holly and Mousse. Each of them are sweet, gentle, playful and fun-loving. If you or anyone you know would like to bring one or more of these super-special girls into your life, please contact Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue. You could not make a better investment that returns as much love, happiness and companionship!

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