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The Grand Canyon is Arizona's world class wonder. The first time you visit the Canyon in person (flying over it doesn't count), you are completely blown away by its vastness and grandeur. It is like a living painting - the colors and textures change constantly throughout the day with the changing light and atmosphere.
Millions of visitors come to view the Canyon every year. But make no mistake - the Canyon is still a wilderness area. Every year someone falls from the Rim and dies. Also, lightning has struck numerous hikers in recent years. But dangers such as that are far outweighed by the magnificent scenery.
The Canyon is a great destination to visit year-round. My favorite time is in September. The summer rains are over, and the nights still are tolerably cool. In the wintertime the Canyon is often bedecked with a mantle of snow. Nighttime temperatures can easily get down to single digit or sub-zero levels. But in any season, the Canyon is a spectacular place to visit which never disappoints.

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