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Looming up nearly 2000 feet (610 meters) from the desert floor, Picacho Peak is the centerpiece of the Arizona State Park that bears its name. Picacho's distinctive profile is visible from miles away, and its summit is approximately 3,378 feet (1,030 meters) above sea level. If you are there during a springtime with above-average rainfall, the wildflowers will absolutely dazzle you.

Hiking up Picacho Peak is a very interesting experience. First you switchback up the eastern side of the mountain. Then you reach a saddle in the mountain. You cross the saddle and then start hiking down the western side of the peak. The descent is steep, with steel guide wires to help you. Several hundred feet later you start climbing back up the western side. The views are quite expansive, as you can see.

On the way up the western side, you reach a really interesting circular natural amphitheatre, in the side of the mountain. This is a view of the crest, with the final ascent to the summit directly ahead.

Forty-five minutes after I started my hike, I reached the summit. As you can see, the views are quite spectacular. Picacho Peak - a very interesting, challenging hike!

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