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The red rock canyon area of Sedona, Arizona, is known worldwide for its spectacular natural setting. The rock formations are as dramatic as they come, and a Sedona sunset is not something that will be forgotten quickly. The Native Americans who lived there regarded the Sedona area as sacred, and to this day an intense spirituality pervades the air.
But sadly, rampant development and commercialism are killing the spirit of Sedona. The burgeoning population and accompanying construction and traffic jams are literally choking the life out of what was once a pristine, singularly beautiful area. Even in the eight years I have been visiting, the change is appalling. They are even charging you a permit fee for parking by the side of the road to enjoy the scenic wonders.
If you have never visited Sedona, I would suggest visiting as soon as possible. For, like the Native Americans who lived in peace and harmony with this remarkable land, the true spirit of Sedona will be just a faint memory before long.

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