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t (6K)aspen1 (32K)his is the story of Aspen and her eight little bundles of joy who dropped unexpectedly into my life on February 17, 2004. This and the following pages are meant to be a photographic history, a chronicle of the lives of the bunnies as they grow and develop and explore the world. I hope you will enjoy viewing this section as much as I have enjoyed creating it!
   Aspen is a beautiful little gray and white Dutch mix who came to Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue from another rescue agency in town. After she had to have emergency surgery on her neck, I took her home for a couple of days to convalesce. Aspen is extremely sweet and docile, and wants only to be petted and loved. Here is her picture:
t (6K)he day before the babies arrived, Aspen began acting in a slightly peculiar manner. She would run around the bunny playpen collecting large mouthfuls of shredded paper and hay and piling them up in the bottom of the cardboard bunny condo. That evening she got very agitated and upset when I put her back in her cage. The next morning I let her run around in the playpen again, and once more she got quite unhappy when I placed her back in her cage before I went to work. I didn't know much about Aspen at the time and thought she was just acting like a quirky bunny, with her own strong personality and her own way of doing things. Imagine my surprise when I came home from work that night and found this at the bottom of her cage:
Aspenbabies_1 (60K)
17 February 2004 - Newborns - less than 8 hours old
a (6K)nd the surprises weren't finished yet! I hastily prepared a nest box for the new babies, and as I was cleaning out Aspen's cage I heard some very faint rustling in the tray underneath the wire grid that made up part of the bottom of the cage. Pulling the tray slowly out, I was completely dumbfounded to find three more newborns, huddled together in the hay on the tray! How these three babies managed to squeeze through the tiny openings in the metal grid to the tray below is something I will never be able to understand. So I took these three and reunited them with their other five siblings and after getting the cage finally in order, I let Aspen back in to care for her new brood of eight babies! Here is the first group picture of all the Aspenbabies!
Aspenbabies_3a (27K)
20 February 2004 - 3 days old

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